Double Girder Overhead Crane For Stone Factory

Among our so many clients around the world, a client from Uzbekistan left me quite impression. The client was from Uzbekistan, who owned two stone factories; mainly offer all kinds of run-of-pit, as well as many art wares produced by stone on the basis of customer’s demand.

The main reason that I had a deep impression to this client was that he has specific requirements to his lifting equipment, and he knew more related knowledge about the crane machine. He was the customer introduced by our client, the first he met us, he told us clearly his requirements and dreamed crane equipment.

Crane solution

According to our client real situation, in his stone factory he should lift or move big weight stones, 50ton or 80 ton was common, sometimes even over 150 ton or heavier. However, his stone factory not uses this crane machine frequently, usually about few days a time. So according to these condition, we recommended him our AQ-QD double girder overhead crane, which owns a quite big lifting capacity that can reach 320 ton in A5 or A6 work duty.

The advantages about the overhead crane for stone factory

Big and flexible lifting capacity from 5 ton at least to 320 ton at last. Due to the big weight span, this kind of overhead crane is suitable for many working environments in stone factory and move and transport more kinds of stone products.

Moderate work duty ensures the cost-efficiency and decrease the unnecessary Due to the special job nature, the stone factory of our client can’t use the lifting machine everyday in 24 hours, so it will create a big waste when he buy an overhead crane with big work duty, which not only cause the wasting of resource, but also the money waste. However, the overhead crane is so suitable in term of the aspect of work duty.

At the end of our crane production, our customers visited our factory and test his crane. Our neat and big factory satisfied with him, as well as the ideal crane machine. The outstanding appearance, rigid steel structure and good operating performance made us got high reputation from our customer. Though this operation, we got more customers and marketing.

As the best crane producer, we always insist on the principle of customer first, quality ahead to manufacturer every our crane machine. come and choose your lifting crane equipment.